Sunday, October 12, 2008

What I have learned

As most of you know we have had a couple of tough losses in our family on both sides, but from both of these people that I love who we have lost I have learned an important lesson on life. During the last days of my grandmas life she was pretty much confined to her comfy chair and with my mother in law Tina she was stuck in bed unless someone picked her up and put her in her chair. Neither of them had any choice in this both of them were in a great deal of pain and couldn't move much in the last days. I decided that if that is my future (and you never know it could be) i want to say that I lived my life if I am stuck in a chair for my last days I want to look back on that time I went for a walk with my kids and dog or the time when we went to Two Moon as a family not that I wasted this precious gift of life on the tv or just being bored life is too short to waste (my mother in law was only 44) and you never know when it could happen. I miss them both so much but all I have I have of them was the memories and the lessons they taught me this was only one of them.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A New Family Member

This is the newest edition to our family her name is Icesis (ice sis) she is a Australian Sheppard and a real sweet heart. What a lot of you don't know is that we are goingthrough a hard time right now on my husbands side. My mother in law, after five years of fighting leukemia, is losing her battle with this disease and is now being taken from us. She has been home for the past couple months and has declined fast and is expected to leave us any day now.

My husband was on the phone a week ago with his sister talking about funeral arrangements and he said the word casket with my stepson Damien in the room. Because of what we just went through with Grandma Asay he was well aware of what they are used for, he asked the inevitable question, "who's the casket going to be for" and my husband had to answer him "its going to be for Grandma Tina". I was in the room at the time and the look on my sons face was devastating - it had finally hit him what was happening to his Grandma Tina.

The mood has been grim and gloomy and I hate seeing my kids so sad and distraught, so I thought we needed a pick me up; one that would last (how sad can you be when you have a sweet little puppy licking your face) it has been just what we all needed. Icesis has been a wonderful addition to our family and my kids have been running around and loving that she chases them. When my husband starts to get sad, he picks her up holds her and he seems to feel just a little bit better. We even brought her over to my mother in laws house to meet the family. Icesis lifted some of the dimmest spirits of our family that were there. We love her and we are so happy to have her and I look forward to her growing up with my children.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finally it is here!!!!

okay okay i know it is about time and here it is. Well i guess i should start with the news we are going to have another baby! I consider myself quite lucky i always wanted 4 kids and i only have to go into labor for two of them! My step kids started school this last week and they get to go to the same school. See originally the school wasn't going to be able to have the kindergarden program at the school Nevaeh was going to but in the last month of summer the funding came threw and they were able to go together which is really good for Nevaeh because she was more nervous to be without Damien then Damien was to be without her. Annicka is getting so big it just amazes me she is learing new works everyday! The newest words are shoes, baby, and her big sisters name Baya well its close enough. I think that is all I have now and enjoy it because you never know when the next one will be up lol.